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          product name:PRE-ORIENTED YARN

          Executive Standard:GB/T16603-2008

          Product Details

          Product Name:Pre-Oriented Yarn       

          Executive Standard:GB/T16603-2008

          Test itemsunitstandardparameter
          Denier deviation rate%±2.01.1
          Denier coefficient of variation%≤1.00.95
          Breaking strengthCn/dtex≥3.83.87
          Intensity coefficient of variation%≤54.1
          Elongation at break%60-6864
          Elongation coefficient of variation%≤87.2

          POY Specification model
          20D-150Dmain products

          Pre-Oriented Yarn or Partially Oriented Yarn. Refers to the incompletely stretched chemical fiber filament obtained by high-speed spinning between the unoriented yarn and the drawn yarn. Compared with the undrawn yarn, it has a certain degree of orientation and good stability, often used. A special wire for stretching false twisted textured yarn (DTY). The fabric is soft and comfortable, and its good hygroscopicity can balance the humidity difference between the air and the body, thereby reducing the pressure of the body and having an adjustment effect. Particularly lightweight and easy to maintain. Machine washable, drying time is three times faster than cotton, only need to be slightly hot or hot, not easy to deform, with significant anti-wrinkle ability. Thanks to its excellent resilience, it can be stretched back to its original state.

          Product customer service hotline: 0086-573-88483838

          Service Hotline:0086-573-88483388 / Fax:0086-573-88483889

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